Powerline Communication

Powerline Communications (PLC) is the process of transmitting content (internet, video, photos, music, ...) over the mains electrical network around your home.

1) Connect a PLC adaptor to your Router (Internet Box) and plug it to the socket of your domestic power supply.
2) Connect a second PLC adaptor to the device you would like to connect via an Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi, and plug it to another mains socket where its being used. Access and share content from the internet or other sources via your mains electricity in multiple rooms around your home

Ideal for :
Smart TV / PVR requiring internet access Smart TV, HD and 3D content High speed broadband transmission Simple set up to share PC files, printers, IP cameras...
Online gaming


This easy to set-up installation offers the following advantages :
- high quality network coverage / network optimization
- no need for messy ethernet cables extensions throughout your home
- connect remote devices being used in different rooms
- less exposure to radiation emission

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